Marina Shafran Spotlight

Marina Shafran chose WMU to pursue a graduate degree in psychology with an emphasis on multiculturalism.  Her goal is to earn a Ph.D. and to work in a university counseling center, as well as to teach. 

“I am very passionate about social justice,” Marina said, “and I believe teaching is a good way to reach out to people.”

Marina is enjoying the culturally rich life Kalamazoo and WMU has to offer, attending classical music concerts, ballet performances and visiting museums.  Another favorite pastime is reading fiction.

She said her homeland offers a unique combination of people and cultures and she has a few tips for anyone considering a visit to Israel.

“Israel has a lot to offer—don’t be afraid to explore it,” she said. “In addition to being the Holy Land for some religions, you can sample many Middle Eastern and European foods and enjoy music ranging from classical European to Arabic. Visitors can also visit a Russian theater and spend time with Bedouins. Old Jerusalem offers a glimpse of life as it was during Biblical times. Israel is the place where East meets West and harmonizes together to offer the best of both.”