Brad Zivov Spotlight

Brad Zivov
Querétaro, Mexico
Spring 2006

Subjects studied: Spanish, Mexican and Latin American History, Mexican Culture

This study abroad experience made me realize what I am capable of academically.  My proficiency in Spanish increased dramatically.  I feel more ready than ever in my pursuit of a degree with a major in Spanish.  Besides that, my academic goals didn’t change as much as one would anticipate.

Studying abroad has been the most interesting semester of my college career.  It’s a little cliché to say, but it’s the truth.  The life I was living in Mexico I could never have complained about because I had the chance to travel, meet people from different regions, try a variety of foods, and become acquainted with the culture and customs of the country to a level of almost feeling like a citizen.   

When I first arrived in Mexico I felt the common embarrassment while attempting to speak Spanish.  But after speaking Spanish on a daily basis I became more comfortable with the language.  I now have a better understanding of common mistakes people make when they learn a foreign language as well as the common communication barriers between people.  I feel like a linguistic ambassador now more than ever.


I highly recommend this program to students in the future and I’m glad our program director and the study abroad office encouraged me to apply for the scholarships that are available.