William Watson Spotlight

William Watson

Otsego, Michigan

Junior majoring in History



Hello, I’m William Watson from Otsego, MI and I’m a junior at WMU majoring in History.  In August of 2006 I had the pleasure of attending the University of Cambridge thru the WMU Study Abroad program.  While at Cambridge I studied Modern European History and Politics, though the entire course offerings stretched from medieval to modern history, concerning more than just Europe.



Studying at Cambridge was an amazing experience.  The professors are some of the most elite in the world with an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to share.  The atmosphere, while formal and rigid at times, is equally relaxed and intimate.  Interaction with professors, even outside of class is not unheard of.  Students and professors often eat lunch or dinner together, whether inside the formal college dining hall or simply in a pub, continuing conversations and sharing a few pints.



The city of Cambridge is a beautiful place, full of parks and gardens, shopping of all kinds, and an amazing variety of architecture, especially churches.  Cambridge is just an hour train ride away from London, which can make for a great weekend or day trip.  London, in and of itself, is a fantastic city to visit and could hardly be described adequately in a short letter.


In all, my study abroad experience was one that I’ll never forget, and one that I’ll likely try to repeat, perhaps next summer!  (Better start saving my $ now!)