Managing hegemony in East Asia topic of October 23 lecture

Managing Hegemony in East Asia
topic of October 23 talk

 The implications of the Manchus’ rise to prominence during the Qing dynasty in China to create a regional hegemony in East Asia will be the subject of lecture, “Managing Hegemony in East Asia: China’s Rise in Historical Perspective,” planned for Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 3:30 p.m. in 2730 Sangren.

In this presentation, Dr. Yuan-kang Wang, an associate professor in the WMU Department of Sociology, will talk about integrating international relations theory with Chinese history and how China’s history can give insight to the country’s rise to power in contemporary times. His talk will also shed light on how a state can expand political interests abroad and become an empire.

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Dr. Victor Xiong
Professor of Chinese and East Asian history
Faculty International Researcher  

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