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WMU ESL faculty returning to teach at University of Tokyo

WMU Professor Tom MarksTom Marks, a master faculty specialist in Western Michigan University’s Center for English Language and Culture for International Students (CELCIS), will travel to Japan in March to teach an intensive academic writing course for graduate students and professors at the University of Tokyo, the country's foremost, elite university.

Marks has been conducting this six-day course for the university each March since 2008, which is designed to help scholars improve their academic papers and prepare them for publication in English-language journals. The class will meet from March 4 to 9 this year.

 The class is conducted in a writing workshop format, with students reading, discussing, and revising their papers during the class. Upon completion of the six-day workshop, the students have the opportunity once again to revise their papers before submitting them to publications and/or reading them at conferences.

Initially proposed by University of Tokyo Professor Shimazono of the Department of Religious Studies, the class is now under the supervision of Professor Ichinose of the Department of Philosophy. It was launched through a five-year grant to the university’s Center for Death and Life Studies program and will be offered for the sixth time this year.

The Center for Death and Life Studies at the University of Tokyo explores issues related to the intersection of religion, bioethics, and death. Although many of the students in the class are from the University of Tokyo’s philosophy department, others come from different fields, such as art history or religious studies. Paper topics have ranged from the significance of Filippo Strozzi’s tomb in Santa Maria Novella to the significance of communication in medical acts (see list of topics below).

Paper topics of former students

Doctrinal Classification and Philosophy: Koyama Iwao and Mou Zongsan – Tomomi ASAKURA
Rethinking Survival Guilt: After the Great East Japan Earthquake – Satoshi FUKUMA
A Comparison of the Views of Life and Death between Cancer Patients and the General Population in Japan – KURODA
Aristotelian Infinity and Physical Body – Kazuya MATSUURA
Psychological help by home hospice nurses in Japan: Qualitative research on practices and values – Yumiko KOGO

Interaction between Japanese Buddhist Philosophy and Confucianism – Tomomi ASAKURA
The transition of incarnation tales, or the formation of the Chinese ghost tale “the Debt-collecting ghost” – Motoko FUKUDA
Rawls in Japan: A Brief Sketch of Reception of John Rawls’ philosophy - Satoshi FUKUMA
The life and Death of an Actor, and his Resurrection by Shumei – Chino SATO
"Variation and Change of written Q'eqchi'" - Ken SHIBUSHITA
Hawaii as a Mirror – Hatsumi TAKEMURA
British Orientalists' Encounter with India and their View of Religion - Kana TOMIZAWA (KITAZAWA)
Recasting the Concept of Surrogacy: An analysis of its history and development - Yoshie YANAGIHARA

The Status of Idea rei singularis: The Foundation for Spinoza’s Account of Death and Life - Tomomi ASAKURA
Organ Transplants and Japanese Views of Life and Death: Talking with Living Pediatric Liver Donors - Kiyonobu DATE
Posthumous Harm or Posthumous Wrong?: A Philosophical Examination of Posthumous Events - Satoshi FUKUMA
Agency and Mortality: Heidegger’s existential Analysis of Death and its Practical Philosophical Background - Takashi IKEDA
The Contradiction of Rhetoric in Plato's Gorgias - Kazuya MATSUURA
The Performing Arts Connecting the Dead with the Living : In the case of “Soga Legends” – Chino SATO
What is Foolish Fire? Fireballs and their Interpretation in Japanese and German Folklore - Hiroe SHIMAUCHI
Commemoration of the Dead and Modern Obelisks in British India - Kana TOMIZAWA 

On Buddhistic Ontology: A Comparative Study of Mou Zongsan and Kyoto School Philosophy – Tomomi ASAKURA
Growth of Scriptures:Doctrinal Expressions in the Northen Four Agamas as compared with the Pali text - Norihisa BABA
Constructivism about Moral Values - Satoshi FUKUMA
Being Buried in a Chapel: Filippo Strozzi and His Tomb in Santa Maria Novella - Takuma ITO
Berkeley on notion and demonstration - Tomokiyo NOMURA
Writing and Language change in Q'eqchi' - Ken SHIBUSHITA
Female Impurity and Procreative Power in the Classical Hawaiian Cosmology: Menstruation Blood and the Taro Plants - Hatsumi TAKEMURA
The significance of the communication in medical act – Seiichi TAKEUCHI
Factors determining public interest in human enhancement technologies: A  population-based survey in Japan - Atsushi TSUCHIYA
Causation and Agency: On the agency theory of causation - Hiroyuki YOROZUYA
Theory of supplication (du’a) in Shi’ism - Kyoko YOSHIDA

On Buddhistic Ontology: A Comparative Study of Mou Zongsan and Kyoto School Philosophy – Tomomi ASAKURA
A Summary of Kantian Constructivism in Rawlsian Ethics: The Possibility of Reasons-Based Ethics - Satoshi FUKUMA
Receptive Agency in Caring: Implications for Philosophy of Action - Seisuke HAYAKAWA
Locke’s Education Theory of Punishment - Kenichiro IMAMURA
Moral internal realism - Hiroshi OHTANI
Self-knowledge: the limit of Neo-Expressivism and a prospect of interpretational view - Shuhei SHIMAMURA
Contribution to the Theory of Ghaybah in Twelver Shism - Kyoko YOSHIDA