D. Carlos A. Delgado-Sanchez--China
D. Carlos A. Delgado-Sanchez
Business in China Tour

My name is Carlos A. Delgado-Sanchez and I am originally from Puerto Rico. I am a graduate student at WMU pursuing a master’s in business with a concentration in management, graduating in April 2009. During the summer I session of 2008, I went to the People’s Republic of China for the study abroad tour “Business in China,” which took place between May 10 through May 23, 2008.

Three cities were visited in this study abroad tour: the first one was Shanghai, which I visited from May 11 to May 17. In Shanghai, my group and I visited several places such as the Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Turbo-Machinery Plant, the Shanghai Jiao Tung University and the United States Consulate General Office, among others. The next city that we visited was Hangzhou from May 17 until May 19. In Hangzhou, we visited a tea village, a pagoda, a romance show and the West Lake. The last city we visited was Beijing, from May 19 until May 23, where I visited the Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Jing Ye Da Digital Technology and Mercer Company.


Although the study abroad trip was a short one, it deepened my understanding of the Chinese culture and customs. Also, with this study tour, I was able to accomplish one of my dreams of visiting China. Since I do not speak Mandarin, having been able to study in China helped me learn a few essential words in Mandarin. The study abroad trip also helped me decide to try to conduct business or work in China because it is a magnificent country with a lot of growth potential. In addition, it made me want to study abroad in other countries to compare and contrast different lifestyles, as well as ways of doing business.