Monica McClain--Paris and London

Monica McClain

Paris & London
April 27th – May 11th 2008

  • Name: Monica McClain
  • Year/Major: Senior, Art History Major, Marketing Minor
  • Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
  • When Study Abroad occurred: April 27th – May 11th 2008

LondonThe experience studying international business relations in Paris and London exposed me to new cultures and experiences. Seeing how other cultures handle business and their personal lives, I understand better the thought processes of immigrants in the U.S. As a business student I can better relate to the expanding global economy. I experienced the way business is taught abroad which allows me to relate to foreign business students and employers.

Study abroad introduced me to new cultures and broadened my perspective about the world as a whole. Seeing the differences between cultures made me more sensitive to how people operate. Allowing myself to be immersed within a different culture made me appreciate not only European culture, but American culture, as well. Seeing thousands of years of culture in my travels, I not only gained educational experience, but learned how to integrate the history with the modern day.

FranceThrown into a non-English speaking environment, I was able to pick up the language much faster than if I were in a class. Not having a break from speaking the language, my comprehension level improved greatly in a small amount of time. I know that understanding how to communicate to non-English speakers is imperative to function within the business world.

A study abroad experience should be part of a student’s education. Being able to study in a foreign country opens up students’ eyes to the global society. As the future leaders of this country, we need to expose ourselves to different cultures in order to fully appreciate what will be needed of us as we enter the job market. Familiarizing ourselves with the world will allow us to be more well-rounded students and people.