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First, let's dispel the No. 1 myth about Study Abroad: "It costs too much!"

Studying abroad can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. There are many programs that are similar or the same in cost as studying at WMU for a semester. Some of our programs are actually cheaper than studying on campus for the semester. Study abroad staff can work with you to find a program that fits your academic objectives and your budget.

All financial aid you receive for studying on campus can be applied to your study abroad program. The cost estimate published on the online program profile for WMU programs serves as the official financial aid budget. Take this page with you to meet with any financial aid counselor to determine your possible aid package. Federal, state, and private financial aid can be applied to study abroad, including the Michigan Educational Trust (MET) and the Kalamazoo Promise (equivalent to cost for same term at WMU).

In addition, there are many scholarships available, through WMU and national competitions. In 2010/2011, students studying abroad through WMU received nearly $400,000 in scholarships. For WMU students who are willing to invest some time in developing their foreign language skills before they go abroad, the President’s Grant for Study Abroad can meet most of your financial need, with awards made of up to $10,000 for an academic year. There are a host of other scholarships through WMU – click here for the list.

National study abroad scholarship programs are often very competitive, but a number of WMU students have received awards in recent years. The key is to start the process as early as possible and to schedule 2 to 3 work sessions with an advisor. Drafting your application essay(s) just a few days before the deadline will not allow you and your advisor time to develop a strong coherent strategy and a polished text. Applications to national scholarship programs are rarely successful in these conditions.

Dr. Michelle Metro-Roland  serves as WMU's campus representative and advisor for most of the national study abroad scholarship programs, or will appoint an alternate if unavailable. She may be reached by phone at (269) 387-5890 or via email. Additionally, WMU faculty members of the International Education Council of the Faculty Senate may also be willing to assist you with your application.

Substantial funding opportunities are available to students who plan their project early and prepare through academic coursework, e.g. in foreign languages, and take the time to craft a strong application.

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